About Us


2015 SOL AIRE 229BH 001

LEGACY RV CENTER is a full scale RV Center with everything you would expect from an RV dealer that is prepared to give you the service you need. The people at LEGACY RV CENTER know you have questions from the time you first browse the lot to that day down the road when you need parts and service work.  Not all RV dealers are prepared to meet all of those needs.  Who are the people that make up LEGACY RV CENTER?  What makes buying from them different?  What should you expect from LEGACY RV?

*LEGACY RV CENTER is 100% locally owned, no outside, national owners here.

*This RV dealership is Kent Richards’.  His LEGACY.

*Kent brings over 30 years experience in the RV business to LEGACY RV CENTER.

*He knows what people want from an RV dealership.

*He knows quality and value.  That is why he has chosen some of the best names in the business:

1.  Heartland

2.  Prowler

3.  Dutchman

4.  Forest River

5.  Gulstream

*At LEGACY RV CENTER you can find trailers of all sizes, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and new units rolling in over the curb almost daily.

*Financing is easy and efficient.  Kent knows the finance business inside and out, and LEGACY is always ready to make a fair offer on your trade.

*Kent believes in an RV Center with an open lot!  The trailers and fifth wheels are open all day for your easy browsing.

*Along with easy browsing comes expert help when you want and need it.

*Don’t let the small staff fool you.  At LEGACY RV they know how to get it done.

Stop by and see how a trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler could become part of your lasting legacy.  Think of LEGACY RV CENTER whenever you need:

*A full parts service store

*Maintenance on your RV

*Warrantee work handled or other service issue addressed

*Propane for your tanks or a sewage dumping station

*And, of course, when you find yourself thinking, “I would sure like to enter the word of ownership.”

Purchasing an RV should not have to be stressful.  Owning an RV does not have to be stressful either when you rely on LEGACY RV CENTER,  Kent Richards, and his crew to take you from purchase through all phases of ownership.